There are many forms of haunting experiences and of course the paranormal. Certainly some of those experiences are more intense than others in addition to some being more common than many.

Residual Haunting

This type of haunting is a very common site to see or perhaps even just hear. Residuals are typically memories or features of the deceased which are thought to be imprinted to the surroundings.

You may see a jogger running in the playground for instance, or see someone cooking in the kitchen or another type of actions that a person at any point of time has done.

The residual haunting is not just seen, they may be just heard also. By way of instance sounds of sword fighting famous battlegrounds, agonising cries in the tortured souls at Dracula’s Castle and in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest many have claimed on numerous occasions of hearing voices in the trees telling the living to kill themselves.

Intelligent Haunting

This type of haunting is a Complete apparition of a living presence and unlike the remaining haunting, this soul is well and truly aware and could even interact with the living.

This goes over just characteristics and memories, these spirits have carried on their personalities also. An intelligent haunting can be quite unnerving and some time it is claimed that these spirits might be aggressive.

Generally it is believed that these spirits in haunted house in Ohio will seem to a person of Living so as to communicate a message or to find somebody they had been looking for in their former lives.

The movie ‘Sixth Sense’ is a perfect example of this form of ghost, where The boy could see dead people but they had not understood they passed and needed advice accepting this fact to cross .


Poltergeist are overall not visible to the human eye, these souls like to wreak havoc by throwing or moving objects and making a great deal of noise.

The theory with Poltergeist Is These spirits were mischievous in their former lives or are usually young to adolescence, but there’s much debate whether a poltergeist are ghosts or not.

The argument is that when a poltergeist is reported it is often happened to an individual with an extremely emotional charge and this power can create a powerful telekinetic force. In short it is said that the individual being haunted is really the one causing everything to proceed telepathically.