Expected to be completed in the 4th quarter of 2011, the Marina Collection Condominium will boast 93 condominium units and 31 penthouses, all of which are luxury homes fronting the scenic view of Marina Bay. Spas, clubhouses, and other amenities will be offered to prospective residents in addition to various facilities that include a children’s playground and lots of pools that households can truly enjoy while relaxing and having an excellent time.

Property listings have labelled the Marina Collection units as prime leasehold properties situated in Santos in District 4. Waterfront views and greeneries combine to make this place an ideal place for couples, individuals, and families to settle down and live life to the fullest and with extreme luxury.

Pasir Ris 8

Prospective citizens in this enclave can choose to have either a view of the pool and the waterfront or the lush greenery facing the south side, with the Santos Golf Club just a stone’s throw away. Also included in this outstanding surroundings are 40 private berths in the marina for various water craft that citizens may have, together with a Pasir Ris 8 Condo membership into the exclusive one 15 Marina Club. All furniture and fittings to be used in the components have the modern design and will of course come from the top manufacturers. These features combine to create the Marina Collection Condominium among the highly anticipated residential complexes in Singapore.

The surrounding area of the Marina Collection Condominium is also worth Mentioning as it contributes to the atmosphere that could only be found in Santos. The Marina, Waterways, Tangoing Beach, and Palawan Beach all provide various forms of recreation and amusement. A couple of minutes away on Tangoing Beach walk is the Santos Dolphin Lagoon which is a really good place to spend quality time with friends and family, while the KM8 Santos offers various food and entertainment options that can certainly be appreciated by everybody. Residents of the Marina Collection Condominium that are craving for western or international cuisine will see that there are a whole lot of restaurants that serve these specialty dishes, among these are The Golfer’s Terrace and The Garden or what’s famously called the Seven Eden Aesthetic Centre.

Purchasing the Marina Collection is indeed a great option for all those who wish to settle down in an area that could give the best of both worlds. Coupled with the serene and tranquil atmosphere of the Marina Collection Condominium is the bustling commercial activity of its surrounding region, which makes it an ideal balance of both leisure and business.