Movies are watched and enjoyed by everyone. From thrillers to adventures, comedy to horror movies is part of everyday life. The industry is growing every day with the growth in the digital world. The Telugu cinema is one of the most prominent tools to impart social education through the screenplay. Comedy movies make us laugh and develop a sense of humour, thriller movies help us see the world with improved perspectives, and historical films help us know about the country’s history and learn about the past. You can view such full HD Telugu movies online on aha, which imparts social knowledge to the youngsters in this modern world.

Social education is the way to make young people good citizens. It is a balance of theoretical content and practical teaching ideas. There are ways in which Telugu movies play a vital role in social education. These ways are:

  1. Movies inspire us

A good Telugu movie will entertain, educate and inspire the viewers in many ways. The movies make us kind-hearted. They motivate us to help others and to do good for humanity. Romantic movies make us understand the importance of love in life. They make life worth living and make us feel alive. The movies explain us to have a positive mind and wake up with a positive thought in mind.

  1. Movies create awareness of multiple aspects of life.

People need to understand that formal education is also essential, along with curriculum education. The films help us to know the ill effects of drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse. Crime and action movies warn about the dangers of criminal activities.

  1. Movies mirror culture

Telugu movies are made in a particular culture. They help us to know and believe in our existence. Movies help to see our concerns, attitudes, and strengths.

        4.Movies shape culture

The movies help to know and understand our diverse culture. They also teach beliefs and values

  1. Movies teach history

Most history movies are on facts and events. Although some movies are fictional, they depict a realistic and correct picture of how the world was before audiovisual devices. They make a good connection with history and help to learn values.

  1. Sensitization of sympathetic feelings

Many social psychologists suggest that movies play a vital role in everyone’s life. It makes us understand the sympathy and feelings for other people.

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